Small Hydro Power (SHP) Programme

History repeats itself way back in the year 1902 J&K developed 2 MW Mini Hydel Power Plant at Mohra, Kashmir - the first hydel power project in the country and now after more than one century i.e in the year 2011, the J&K Govt. drafted a Hydro Power Policy for Development of Mini/Micro Hydel Projects issued vide Govt. Order No. 71-ST of 2011 dated 27.12.2011 wherein the JAKEDA was entrusted with a mandate of implementation of MHEP's with a capacity of upto 2MW with the sole motive of energizing the unreachable places of the state by harnessing abundant hydro power potential on small level.

Owing to "Indus Water Treaty" the treaty lays restriction on storage of water, by way of construction of big dams on major rivers, thus restricting the scope of hydro power generation. Otherwise also the trend presently world over is to tap the renewable energy sources from the very micro level, as such it becomes mandatory for engineers to think of power generation by harnessing the unlimited mini scale hydro potential of J&K State by least fiddling with nature. This earth can no longer sustain us so we need to conserve our natural resources.

In present day world we can no longer afford to have hydro power voice go unheard in energy debate. In this background, JAKEDA started exploration & identifying of non-generation streams and rivulets to be fitted with hydro electric equipments for generation of power on a scale serving a small community/industrial pockets.

In J&K state, the state electricity grids are underserved and small hydro power can make a sustainable contribution to solve power shortage and help the economic development of the state. Tired of seeing the state's limited budget being spent on purchase of power from northern grid JAKEDA has joined the State Power Generation Department in contribution towards generation of energy through private entities (IPPs : Independent Power Producers).

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India (GoI) is providing financial assistance to JAKEDA and IPPs during development phase and incentives after successful completion of projects and the J&K state also helps the IPPs by providing financial assistance and other incentives as notified in the Policy for implementation of these projects.

JAKEDA intends to work at the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) in rural and per-urban areas to offer services that contribute to provide an improved access to clean energy solutions for low income customers in these communities.

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1 Development of small hydro projects under IPP Mode
2 Development of small hydro projects under EPC mode